Index Analysis

Interested in receiving a detailed analysis of a local or a foreign index? Would you like to know which securities included in the index and what its geographic and sectors exposures? Which index products track its performance? This service allows you to get all the information you need in order to make investment decisions regarding indices. Analysis Example

The analysis is performed on a local or a global index based on raw data published by relevant index providers and index product issuers and includes the following information:

  • Brief description of the index and its provider
  • Brief description of the index methodology: rebalancing and index levels publication frequency, calculation method, weight limits, etc.
  • Index eligibility criteria explanation
  • List of the securities comprising the index and their weights in the index
  • Current market data for the index (number of constitutes, durations, yields to maturity, credit spreads, ratings, ratios)
  • Comparison between the historical performance of the index and relevant indices
  • Relevant breakdown of the index: currency exposure, geographic exposure, sectors, assets classes, ratings, linkage, etc.
  • Relevant index products which track the index or similar indices, including their AUM, liquidity and costs


In addition to the data presented above, Index Research offers its subscribers additional information regarding local and global indices based on the large database it maintains on an ongoing basis.

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