Index Calculation

Have you developed an index or you manage an investment portfolio that you wish to calculate its performance and securities weights on a regular basis? This service allows you to set the type of calculation needed and use the results as part of an independent process of index/investment portfolio management.

The service is intended for those interested in performing investment portfolios automation or outsourcing the calculations of their indices.

As part of this service Index Research performs the calculations of securities weights and index levels.

The service allows the user to use the calculation results (weights and levels) as part of its independent index/investment portfolio management process:

  • The calculations of securities weights can be set to daily / weekly / monthly basis.
  • The calculations of index levels/portfolio’s performance can be set to intraday / daily / weekly / monthly basis.
  • The service includes ongoing support of the user’s investments and operations teams, including the provision of experts on behalf of Index Research for the purpose of professional consultations on the index/investment portfolio.

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