Index Licensing

Interested in using our indices as underlying assets on your investment vehicles? A license with us will grant you the right to use an index maintained and calculated by Index Research as an underlying asset on your index product: ETF, ETN or Tracking Fund.

The use of Index Research indices to create investment vehicles requires a license with Index Research. A license grants the user with the right to use an index as an underlying asset on an index product managed by the user.

In addition, licensing with Index Research provides the user a variety of related services to the indices:

  • Receive ongoing access to the index data including, the full list and the weight of each security that comprise the index, and other relevant market data of the index.
  • Receive professional materials on the index, including factsheets that contain a brief description of the index and its eligible criteria, historical performance on selected periods, relevant market data of the index (number of constituents, average duration, yield to maturity, adjusted spread, adjusted rating, ratios, dividend yield, etc.) and relevant index breakdowns: sectors, linkage, ratings and issuers.
  • Receive publications on both local and global indices, which focus on the principles of index investing and on the analysis of the index product industries in Israel and abroad.
  • Receive ongoing support of your investments, operations and marketing teams, including the provision of experts on behalf of Index Research for the purpose of consultations on the indices.

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