Index Research – About Us

Index Research is a FinTech company, focused on developing and launching solutions for passive investments and processing big data for institutional investors.

Our services include developing and licensing of indices, offering access to DB’s on various financial assets and providing advanced research on passive investments.

Index Research has developed Fixed Income and Equity Index Series which serves as a broad benchmark index family designed to measure the performance of the bond and equity markets, and also to serve as investable benchmarks.

Our primary series includes composite bond indices that combine government and corporate bonds; indices that include only government bonds and Investment Grade corporate bonds; indices that also include non-rated and/or under Investment Grade corporate bonds; and indices specialize in one specific linkage base, either Non-Linked bonds or CPI-Linked bonds.

Index Research indices are designed for use by professional investment advisors, institutional investment managers and managed funds.

Index Research was founded in 2015 by Yaniv Kunis, a well-known professional in the financial industry in Israel with extensive experience with financial data and business development, and is based in Tel Aviv.