Israeli ETP Users Database

Do you wish to know which Israeli institutional investor holds a specific ETF or ETN? This service provides a comprehensive data of index products (including foreign ETF’s) held by pension funds, provident and training funds, life insurances and mutual funds in Israel. Service Login

The service covers all Israeli institutional investors based on raw data they publish around two months after the end of the reporting period (month for Mutual Funds / quarter for others) and includes the following data:

  • Names of the all ETF’s, ETN’s and index tracking funds and its ISIN’s and tickers
  • Brand name and issuing company of each index product
  • Names of the indices used as underlying assets for each index product
  • Index provider for each product
  • Index Product’s type, exposure and relevant exchange
  • Asset class, relevant category and focus of each index product
  • Trading currency and currency exposure of each index product (including specification of ILS hedging)
  • Sectoral and geographic exposure (market type, region and country) of each index product
  • Relevant information on product’s underlying index, such as selection criteria, weighting scheme, calculation currency and tax method
  • Total holdings of each index product by each institutional investor at the end of the reporting period


In addition to the data presented above, Index Research offers its subscribers additional information regarding Israeli users of index products based on the large database it maintains on an ongoing basis.

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