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Israeli Duration Bond Indices

Index Name1D ChangeAverage DurationYield to MaturitySpreadRating
iNDEX Israeli Corporate Bond Balanced Duration 2-4-0.23%2.954.12%176ilAA-
iNDEX Israeli Corporate Bond IG 2-5 Year-0.17%2.504.03%171ilAA-
iNDEX Israeli Corporate Bond IG +5 Year-0.32%5.234.41%186ilAA-
iNDEX Israeli AAA-AA Duration 3yr Synthetic-0.08%2.983.26%114ilAA
iNDEX Israeli AAA-AA Duration 4yr Synthetic-0.11%4.003.50%119ilAA
iNDEX Israeli AAA-AA Duration 5yr Synthetic-0.14%5.013.71%128ilAA
iNDEX Israeli AA-A Duration 3yr Synthetic-0.23%3.043.88%171ilA+
iNDEX Israeli AA-A Duration 4yr Synthetic-0.27%4.034.09%175ilAA-
iNDEX Israeli AA-A Duration 5yr Synthetic-0.28%5.034.22%177ilAA-
iNDEX Israeli A Duration 3yr Synthetic-0.41%3.064.43%224ilA
iNDEX Israeli A Duration 4yr Synthetic-0.48%4.034.68%231ilA
As of 28/06/2022

Yield to Maturity calculated on non-linked basis, meaning CPI-linked securites’ YTM been adjusted to market implied inflation