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Israeli Sector Bond Indices

Index Name1D ChangeAverage DurationYield to MaturitySpreadRating
iNDEX Israeli Bank-Insurance Bonds-0.22%5.993.51%126ilAA
iNDEX Israeli Bank-Insurance Bonds - Tier 2-0.15%3.793.47%166ilAA-
iNDEX Israeli Bank-Insurance Bonds CPI-Linked-0.36%4.310.34%116ilAA+
iNDEX Israeli Bank Bonds CPI-Linked-0.29%3.650.38%142ilAA+
iNDEX Israeli CoCo Bank Bonds-0.13%2.683.98%215ilAA-
iNDEX Israeli Non-Linked Insurance & Financial Services Bonds-0.15%3.753.31%155ilA+
iNDEX Israeli Construction Bonds-0.22%3.084.05%221ilA
iNDEX Israeli ex Financials Non-Linked Bond-0.18%3.134.15%238ilA+
As of 17/05/2022

Yield to Maturity calculated on non-linked basis, meaning CPI-linked securites’ YTM been adjusted to market implied inflation