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Unique Bond Indices

Index Name1D ChangeAverage DurationYield to MaturitySpreadRating
iNDEX Israeli Investment to Local Authorities0.20%3.452.47%52ilAA+
iNDEX Israeli Government Companies Bonds0.68%6.463.45%124ilAA+
iNDEX Israeli Bonds Low Financial Leverage0.48%4.353.91%188ilAA-
iNDEX Israeli Cash Flow Bonds A & up0.46%3.514.11%213ilAA-
iNDEX Israeli A & up Spread Factor0.48%4.384.22%215ilAA-
iNDEX Israeli CPI-Linked A & Above Spread Factor0.51%4.731.81%235ilAA-
iNDEX Israeli Non-Linked A & Above Spread Factor0.44%3.783.78%179ilA+
iNDEX Israeli AA ILS-CPI Linkage Mechanism0.54%4.413.62%160ilAA
iNDEX Israeli A ILS-CPI Linkage Mechanism0.45%3.524.56%261ilA
iNDEX Israeli Non-Linked Bonds Series Cap 500M0.29%2.774.08%234ilA+
iNDEX Israeli Bonds with Collateral Component0.34%3.074.35%244ilA
iNDEX Israeli Bonds High Spread0.50%4.085.29%321ilA
iNDEX Israeli Listed BVI Quality Bonds0.30%2.406.00%423ilA+
iNDEX Israeli Gov-Corp Bond Model0.42%4.273.41%139ilAA
iNDEX Israeli Banks & Government Companies Bonds0.48%4.123.07%114ilAAA
As of 29/05/2022

Yield to Maturity calculated on non-linked basis, meaning CPI-linked securites’ YTM been adjusted to market implied inflation
Adjusted Rating calculated based on ilBB rating for non-rated corporate bonds