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Unique Bond Indices

Index Name1D ChangeAverage DurationYield to MaturitySpreadRating
indeX Israeli Investment to Local Authorities0.13%3.410.63%40ilAA+
indeX Israeli Government Companies Bonds0.34%7.221.54%73ilAA+
indeX Israeli Bonds Low Financial Leverage0.22%4.541.59%120ilAA
indeX Israeli Cash Flow Bonds A & up0.17%3.681.77%152ilAA-
indeX Israeli A & up Spread Factor0.21%4.231.81%149ilAA-
indeX Israeli CPI-Linked A & Above Spread Factor0.23%4.430.03%164ilAA-
indeX Israeli Non-Linked A & Above Spread Factor0.12%3.791.77%148ilA+
indeX Israeli IG Non-Linked Bond Multi-Factor0.12%3.892.10%180ilA
indeX Israeli IG CPI-Linked Bond Multi-Factor0.26%4.610.12%171ilAA-
indeX Israeli Non-Linked Bonds Series Cap 500M0.12%2.952.28%209ilA+
indeX Israeli Bonds with Collateral0.23%3.112.25%204ilA
indeX Israeli Bonds High Spread0.19%3.693.20%295ilA
indeX Israeli Listed BVI Quality Bonds0.26%2.514.07%394ilA+
As of 01/08/2021

Yield to Maturity calculated on non-linked basis, meaning CPI-linked securites’ YTM been adjusted to market implied inflation
Adjusted Rating calculated based on ilBB rating for non-rated corporate bonds